ProConsort is a service organization supporting the procurement and administration of electronic information services for libraries since 2000. 

Target Membership

  • Academic Libraries
  • Public Libraries
  • Hospital Libraries

Geographic Coverage

  • ProConsort was founded to service libraries in the New York metropolitan area. Most recently it has expanded to cover New York, New England, the  Mid-Atlantic states and  library groups throughout the United States


  • Favorable contract terms and conditions
  • Favorable prices based on volume aggregation
  • Multiple consolidated billing & renewal cycles
  • Pro-rated pricing
  • Multi-year subscriptions at discounted prices
  • Both pre-paid and annual payment-based subscriptions
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Rapid product availability


  • IP address management
  • Database trials
  • Database training
  • Product and services consultation
  • Budget planning and projections
  • Subscription facilitation